Welcome to the Will Transcriptions Web Site

Wills can be of vital importance in genealogy. They confirm family relationships,sometimes mentioning family members one would not know about otherwise. Sometimes they have personal details, even referring to sensitive issues like illegitimacy, or children who are incapacitated from looking after themselves, or serious family disputes. Original wills can be difficult to find and, when found, difficult to read.

This site contains a number of transcripts which it is to be hoped will grow. Anyone who has transcribed a pre-1900 will is invited to contribute to this site which is searchable by Testator, Executor or Administrator, or Witness. It is hoped that ultimately there will be a large number of transcripts which may assist family historians in their research and also those who are interested in local history and the families who lived in a particular locality. The site is completely free and material on it is not to be used for commercial purposes. Please do not copy anything without the permission of the transcriber.