Will of Jeremiah Newton

of Boldron, Startforth, Yorkshire attested 28 May 1755

In thy name O Tou Tremendious and Great Creatour God Eternall Emanue Esspiritual Father Son and Holey Gostt Whose Name for Ever is to be Prased for Ever by ale people Amen Unto The I commit my spirit hoping tho will Receave it in to thy Glorey
I JEREMIAH NEWTON of Boldron in the Countey of York and Parish of Startforth being sum what disordered in Bodey att present Butt of perfect mind and Memory praysed be Almightiy God for the same and for to gave Pease and Quietnes be hind me which I hartely wish may suckceid do make Ordane and Order by my Last Will and Testiment in Maner and Forme as folouing here declareth 
My mind and Will is tha THO[MA]S NEWTON of Boldron shall have to ged him 2p 10s : 0 for 4 years to make 10£ 0s 0 and nou ty WM NEWTON Weaver of Yarm shall have 2:00:00 for 2 pounds a year for 2 years and 2 guines he hath alriddey Receaved make 6£:00:00 for his share and ty JOSEPH NEWTONS Widdow of Yarme have 2:10:00 for his Children make 4pounds for thare to be payed in 2 years space & that he is to be at no Charge by sending or bringing it themthe first payment to Commence at Martinm[ ] first in in the year of our Redemption 1758
nou to mak it more plane I order that THOS NEWTON of Boldron sha have made up with whath alridey Rec[eive]d £10:00:00 & that W[ILLIA]M NEWTON Weaver of Yarm have 8 pounds & 2 guineys Receaved long since maks £10:2:0 & that JOSEP NEWTON Widdow have for her Children Ten pound shared amongst them & this I hop will be fulfilled And further if JONATHAN NEWTON shal be so unfortunate as to Marrey M[AR]Y WARDALL and dye Leaving no Issu then and thare itt shall be Lafull for THO[MA]S NEWTON Weaver at Barnard Castle Bridge end and THO[MA]S NEWTON of Boldron to Enter into my Lands at Boldron N take Posseshon of all paying hir his Widdow six pounds a year Each of them three pounds & so long as she Remans his widdow if so she Contnew or for hir natural Life THO[MA]S NEWTON Weaver shal have all that Flat Close I purch[ase]d of MARY LODMAN with Crofts lying on the south of the Town With one Gate on Thornbarey & one on the Inmouer & half a days Diging or Gruing of Turfes & THO[MA]S NEWTON of Boldron all this my Cappatal Hous which I now Live in With Crofts north of it & a Close Caled Flears Lying North of it & a Close Caled flat Close with 1 days gra[?]ing of Turfs on thornbary & Two Gats on that Pasture & Two on the Inmour he paying Every Daughter Ten Pounds at Discreshon or When Married & THO[MA]S NEWTON Weaver Bridge end Paying W[ILLIA]M NEWTON, Weaver of Yarm Eight Pounds & Joseph Newton Widdow Tenn Pounds; Butt if JONATHAN Leave any Children, thay shall Enter & Inioy all my money Lands & substance what so Ever & those 2 NEWTONS if Honest shal be Tutours for them his Wife only six pund a year Give me Understanding O Lord tha I may have wisdom to direct my affares aright to wards the and all Others
Nou as for my Temporell Affares which I enjoy in this world which I mus nou Leave and dispose of to my sucksess[or]s my Mind and Will is that all my Funaral Expenses be honestly Payed by my Exe[cu]tor here after named my Bodey Burreyed in A decent maner at the discreshon of my E[xecu]tor on the Orchard on the North side of my nou dweling hou[se] or if thay think not Convenient in the Church yard of Start[forth] amongst my fore desesours and that my grave be four foot depth nigh the stone I sett over MARY LODMAN for I would my Bones should never be Removed by aney
And Nou I order that JONATHAN NEWTON my Ex[ecu]tour shall pay to my Loving Wife ELIZ[ABETH] NEWTON tenn pounds a year to hir as long as she Remanes my Widdoue and Two Roumes in my hous Either East end or West End of my now dweling in which I nou live in
Next I give and bequeath to JONATHAN NEWTON all the Rest of Housing and Lands knoune or Properly Caled or knoune to be mine lying or being in Boldron or Other Where with all my moneys goods or Plate Both Reall and Personall to him and his Heires for Ever
And Nou as for the 500£ Lodged in GEORGE EDWARDS hands becoming due to me at the death of CUTHBURT BURRELL I give to JONATHAN NEWTON to be disposed of by him to those herein Menshoned to THOMAS NEWTON son of THO[MA]S NEWTON of Yarm Ten pounds to WILLIAM NEWTON Weaver of Yarme Eight pounds to JOSEPH NEWTONS widdow of Yarme Ten Pounds to THO[MA]S NEWTON Weaver at Barnard Castle Bridgend 20 pounds of which he hath got of me 25 Pounds for which he payeth me Rint yearly And nou since Change or Chance may happen JONATHAN that he should have no Issue be gotten of his bodey or not to Marrey Leaving no Heires behind him or that he should have Occation or Mind to dispose of it as I hope he never will so doe that and then if THO[MA]S NEWTON son of THO[MA]S NEWTON w[i]ll or Can purchas it he shall have it all the prise of Two Hundred pounds and no more nor shall JONATHAN have poure in himselfe to dispose of itt to aney Other Or if JONATHAN dey Leaving no Heirs of his oune that and the All those Lands which Belonged to my Father or formerly sould by his father shall and be Come due to him the sade THO[MA]S NEWTON and all those Land or Ground I bought of MARY LODMAN to goe and becom due to THO[MA]S NEWTON Weaver att Barnard Castle Bridge End to him and his Heirs for Ever But and if the said THO[MA]S have aney designe to dispose of it and that the sade THO[MA]S NEWTON be able or wiling to purchas it that he shal have it at a Hundred pounds and no more nor shal he have pouer of him self to dispose of it to aney other
O that I may do the thing that is Right and that I mite no way derogate from the Truth but be Just and True in all my doings As for JONATHAN NEWTON it is my mind and Will that he shall be my sole Ex[e]ceter of all my Good and Chattels paying such soumes as I have here in ordered to be payed to THOMAS NEWTON of Boldron THO[MA]S NEWTON Barnard Cas[tle] Bridge end W[ILLIA]M NEWTON of Yarme and J[O]SEPH NEWTONS Widdow for the use of hir Childron not nominated nor not doubting but she will give it them When thay sha[ll] have most need of it which may be when thay shall marrey or set forward for themselves so I Leave it to hir to dispose of it to them at thare oune need And as for my Loving Wife I hope I have provided sufishantly for hir and I hope I have done so by them all which I hop will please all parteys Consarned by me and I wish that will so think to and that Pease and Love may Continew amongst them
And as for the Large Legassey I have Left by Sister ANN BURRELL of five pounds to be payed at hir Mothers ELIZ[ABETH] BURRELL death destined for my good I give it to JONATHAN NEWTON to Receave it of hir Executors at such time as it hath be com due to me from them
And nou that all things may be Rightly understood as to
Legaseys to THO[MA]S NEWTON Boldron 10:00:00
W[ILLIA]M NEWTON of Yarme he hath got
2 guines and to pay him ? more mak
& for JOSEP NEWTON of Yarme Widdow
& for THO[MA]S NEWTON B[arnard] C[astle] he hath got
so that thare nedeth no more p[ai]d him
This is ordered in another place

This is thee Will and the Desire of me & my Testiment under my hand and Seal The paper being first stamped writen by my oune hand & signed by my oune seal this 28th day of May 1755

Thomas Bainbridge
William Anderson
the mark of Rob[ert] Wardale

Proven: 22 Jul 1773 at Archdeaconry of Richmond

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