Will of William Bailey

of Startforth, Boldron, Yorkshire attested 08 Mar 1804

I William Bailey of Blaidfield in the Parish of Startforth in the County of York Do make this my last Will and Testament in man[n]er folowing following I Give and Bequeath to my Loveing Wife Susanah Bailey so long as she lives Al[l] the Rest and Residue of my lease of my farm at Blaidsfield and al[l] and singular my Personal Estate of what kind or nature so Ever it be On she paying my furnall Expences and at my Wife Decease I Give and Bequeath to my Daughter Sarah Bailey the Sum of Fifty Pounds to be paid to her one year after her Mother Decease by my Executor hereafter named to be paid out of my Lease Stock and crop I also give to my Daught[er] Sarah One New house and al[l] there to belonging now Standing upon my farm at Blaidsfield Com[m]only called or known by the name of Dots New house for the full End and term of my lease and I also give and bequeath to my said Daughter Sarah al[l] my household Goods of What kind or Nature they be on Except my Milk Vesell Two Fether Beds Bedsteads Blankits Quilts and Other thing belonging the said Two Beds and my Oak Desk but not to Enter upon the Said Household Goods till After her Mother Decease and if the above said Fifty pounds is not paid with in the space of fourteen months after my Wife Decease that then it may be Lawfull for my Said Daughter Sarah to Enter upon All the Stock Crops and farm and Sell so much as Will pay her the Whole and Lawfull Expences
I Give and bequeath to my Daughter Jane Bailey the Sum of Thirteen Pounds Yearly and Every Year so long as my Lease of Blaidsfield farms Lasts to be paid Quarterly to my Daughter Sarah for the Mentaining of my said Daughter Jane I also Give and Bequeath to my Daughter Jane One Fether Bed Bedstead Quilts Blankets and al[l] there to be Longing the said Bed the said A Newity to be paid by my Executor hereafter named out of my lease of Blaidsfield and if any of the said Quarterly payment be not paid with in the Space of thirty days after due then it my be Lawfull for my Daughter Sarah for the use of my Daughter Jane to Seize upon any part of the Stock and primises and Dispoase of Some part of the said stock or crops to raise as much as is then due and my Will and mind is that my Two Daughters Sarah and Jane Shall live with my Son William one year after my Wife Decease and he to find them with sufficient meat dring washing cloathing and lodging but the cloase not to Exceed five pounds but if they neither of them chouse to live with him then my Will is that he pay them Each five pounds over and above their legacy and A Newity for thaire mentaining tell the Other payment become due and at my Wife Decease I then Give and Bequeath to my Son William Bailey al the Rest and Residue of my Lease of Blaidsfield farm and One Fether Bed Bedstead Qults Bolsters Blankits hanging and Al there to belonging the said Bed and my Milk Vesels Husbanders Gears and Al My Stock Crop and al and Singular My Personal Estate What soever not before Bequeath he paying al his Mother furnall Expences Daughter Sarah Legacy and My Daughter Jane Anewty my just Depts and At his Mother Decease I then Apoint my Son William Soal Executor of tjis my Last Will and Testament As Witness where of I hav here unto Set my hand and Seal this Eight day of March One Thousand Eight Hundred and four but if my Son William Die before his Mother and leave no Issue Lawfully begotten then at my Wife Deceas I Give and bequeath the rest and Residue of my Lease and Al and Singular my Personal Estate of kind when it be on to my Daughter Sarah Bailey
Wm Bailey

Proven: 12 Jun 1805 at Archdeaconry of Richmond

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