Will of Margaret Richardson

of Startforth, Boldron, Yorkshire attested 20 Apr 1817

This is the last Will and Testament of me Margaret Richardson of Northfield in the Parish of Bowes in the County of York Spinster I give and devise unto my Sister Isabella Appleby of Barnard Castle in the County of Durham Widow and her assigns for and during the Term of her natural life one annuity or yearly Sum of Fifteen pounds of lawful british money and to my Servant Robert Raine and his assigns for and during the Term of his natural life one annuity or yearly Sum of Ten pounds of like lawful Money to be respectively issuing and payable forth and out of my freehold Estate situate at Northfield aforesaid the said Several annuities to be paid and payable halfyearly and the first half yearly payment thereof to begin and be made at the expiration of Six Calendar Months next after my decease and I give to the said Isabella Appleby and Robert Raine and their respective assigns the like powers of Entry distress and Sale upon the premises charged with the payment of the said annuities as are usually given to Annuitants in like Cases and by Law allowed to Landlords for arrears of Rent and Subject to and charged and chargeable with the payment of the said annuities
I give and devise my said Estate situate at Northfield aforesaid and all and every other my messuages lands tenements and Hereditaments whereof I have a power to dispose with their and every of their appurtenances unto Charles Copeland of Staindrop in the said County of Durham Gentleman and his Heirs To the Uses upon the Trusts and to and for the Intents and purposes hereinafter declared (that is to say) In Case there shall happen to be a deficiency in my Personal Estate towards Satisfaction of my Just Debts Testamentary Funeral Expences and the legacies given by this my Will Upon Trust by and out of the rents and profits of the said devised premises or by mortgage thereof or such ways and means as they shall think proper to raise such Sum or Sums of money as shall be sufficient to pay and discharge my said debts and legacies given by this my Will and Subject thereto and to the payment thereof the same Hereditaments and premises shall be and remain
To the use of John Heslop Son of John Heslop late of Geneva in the United States of America Gentleman deceased and the assigns of the first named John Heslop during the term of his natural life and from and after the Determination of that Estate by any means in his lifetime To the use of the said Charles Copeland and his Heirs during the life of the said John Heslop In Trust only to preserve and Support the contingent uses and Estates hereinafter limitted from being defeated or destroyed and for that purpose to make Entries or bring actions as the Case may require but nevertheless to permit and suffer the said John Heslop to receive and take the rents issues and profits thereof for and during the Term of his natural life and from and after the decease of the last named John Heslop To the use of the first second third and all and every other Son and Sons of the body of the said last named John Heslop lawfully issuing severally and successively and in remainder one after another as they shall be in priority of birth in tail male remainder to all and every the Daughter and Daughters of the said John Heslop lawfully issuing in tail general to take as Tenants in Common in like tail general and for default of such Issue To the use of Margaret Heslop the Sister of the last named John Heslop and the Heirs of her body lawfully begotten and in default of such Issue To the use of my own right Heir for ever
I give and bequeath unto the said John Heslop all and singular my articles of plate
I give to my Servant Dorothy Border the Sum of Thirty Pounds and one bedstaed bed and bedding and to my servant the said Robert Raine one bedstead bed and bedding
And as touching my personal estate remaining after payment of my Debts funeral and testamentary Charges and the legacy hereinafter bequeathed I give the same to the said Charles Copeland his Executors administrators and assigns Upon the Trusts and for the Intents and purposes hereinafter mentioned expressed and declared concerning the same (that is to say) Upon Trust to make Sale and Dispose of and call in and convert into money such part or parts things as shall not consist of money or securities for money and place out and convert the Sum of Two hundred Pounds part thereof in or upon any of the parliamentary stocks or funds of great britain or on real Securities in England at interest and do and shall vary alter or transpose such stocks funds or securities for others of the like nature when and so often as it shall seem expedient and do and shall pay the interest and dividends of the said stocks funds and securities unto such person or persons only and for such intents and purposes only as Hannah Weldon Wife of George weldon of Barnard Castle aforesaid Carpenter by any writing or writings under her hand from Time to Time shall direct or appoint notwithstanding any Coverture she may be under and in default of such direction appointment and until she shall make any such direction or appointment do and shall pay the same unto the proper hands of the said Hannah Weldon exclusively of her present or any future husband who is not to intermeddle therewith nor is the same or any part thereof to be subject or liable to such Husbands Control debts or Engagements and I will and direct that her writ alone shall be a sufficient discharge for the same and from and immediately after her decease upon Trust to pay or transfer the said sum of Two hundred pounds princuipal money Stocks funds and securities unto John Weldon and George Weldon the younger Children of the said Hannah Weldon and to their respective executors administrators and assigns
And as to all the residue of my said personal Estate and Effects Upon Trust to pay and apply the same to the said last named John Heslop his Executors administrators or assigns And I appoint the said Charles Copeland Sole executor of this my Will and I hereby direct that my said Trustee and Executor shall and may retain to and reimburse himself out of my said Estate and Effects all such Costs Charges and Expences as he shall put to in execution of the Trusts hereby in him reposed and shall not be answerable for more money than he shall actually receive and by no means for involuntary losses and I hereby revoke all former Wills by me made In Witness whereof I have to this my Will contained in this and the two preceding Sheets of paper set my hand and Seal that is to say my Hand to the two preceding Sheets and my hand and Seal to this last Sheet this twentieth day of April 1817
The Mark and Seal of Margaret Richardson

Signed sealed Published and declared by the said Margaret Richardson as and for her last Will and Testament in the presence of us who in her presence at her request and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as Witnesses
Thos Wheldon
William Raine
The Mark of Grace Border

Charles Copeland swore that the estate did not amount to the sum of Four Hundred and Fifty Pounds

A Memorial of the above written Will was registered at North Allerton the sixteenth day of april Eighteen hundred and thirty two at two in the afternoon in Book FU page 424 and Number 436

Proven: 04 Mar 1818 at Archdeaconry of Richmond

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